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Organized in 1946, the Rotary Club of Redwood City is an active and well known service organization with deep ties to the Redwood City community. During the past 70+ years, members of the Rotary Club of Redwood City have volunteered and donated their time, effort, passion and money to improve the lives of those with which we share the world.

Rotary is an organization of more than 1.2 million members, spread across the world in more than 34,000 clubs. Our Club and its members have been dedicated to assisting others and improving our own character as part of our lives as Rotarians.

We strive to find a more complete life through fellowship, service, goodwill and humanitarian efforts. Approval Process – The Rotary Club of Redwood City seeks members of good character with a record of leadership and service to the

Membership is by invitation. Members are generally chosen to represent their respective businesses or professions. The “Classification Principle” is a flexible guideline intended to insure that our membership includes a qualified representative from many worthy business or profession in our community. In this way, our Club becomes a cross-section of our community. The Club hopes that members will be as diverse as the community in Redwood City.

The approval process for new membership will take 3-6 weeks after the application has been received.

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 Rotary is built upon fellowship and friendship. The strength of Rotary lies in the individual members. Each member brings a unique contribution of vocational and community experience to each meeting. Our Club is stronger because of your attendance and participation. Your attendance at our Club’s meeting is important.

It is understood that among busy people an occasional problem of attendance will arise. When a member misses a meeting, he or she is privileged to “make up” at another Rotary Club. There are Rotary Clubs in almost every community in the Bay Area and over 200 in Northern California. There are “locator” apps available for Android and Apple devices. This will allow you to easily find a nearby club. There are even online meetings that serve as make ups. The first and one of the best known is Rotary EClubOne at .

Needless to say, each make up affords the Rotarian a splendid opportunity to broaden his or her acquaintances, and to bring back to his or her Club, information or ideas that can improve his or her Club’s operations and programs.


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